As summer is approaching in the southern hemisphere ecologists gather to discuss their newest research at the Ecological Society of Australia annual meeting. Since the conference is taking place in Brisbane, our McMadLab members did not have to travel far this year and we came in plenty.

Seven of us are here. Come see what we’re up to at:

Dr Zunyie Xie

Monday 12:30pm Hall B Landsat observations  of large-scale land degradation with Google Earth Engine

Hernan Caceres

Tuesday, 11:15-11:30am Meeting Room 3

Using demographic models to tackle invasive mammals on islands.

Dr Michaela Plein

Tuesday 11:45pm Meeting Room3

How are cats and rats equal? Maximising the benefits of controlling invasive predators in data-poor environments.

Rosalie Willacy 

Tuesday 17:20 Meeting room 3:

Nesting success of Red-tailed tropicbirds on Christmas Island following cat control

Dr Matthew Holden

Wednesday 12:00pm Meeting room 7

Guidelines for incorporating population processes in species distribution modelling

Dr Matthew Adams

Wednesday 16:20 Meeting Room 7

How confident are ecological model predictions really? Data-model calibration using Bayesian inference

Dr Christopher Baker

Thursday 12:45pm Hall B

Modelling and decision making in complex environments


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