About me

I’m a quantitative conservation ecologist with a broad interest in interactions between species. Currently, I work as a postdoctoral fellow in Eve McDonald-Maddens working group at the University of Queensland.


The main projects I am involved in aim to improve the status of threatened species in Australia under the umbrella of the Threatened Species Hub in the National and Environmental Science Program (NESP). Specifically, I look at how we can incorporate interactions of species into ecosystems models to predict the outcome of a management intervention (removal of invasives or (re)introductions).

I am further affiliated with the Quantitative and Applied Ecology Group at the University of Melbourne, where I did my PhD under the primary supervision of  Dr Peter Vesk. In my doctoral thesis, I looked at methods to include interdependencies between species in the assessment of their (co-)extinction risk and how we could threatened interdependent species with combined conservation translocations.

MPlein field
Pollinator study in the Stirling Ranges National Park, Western Australia

While I have almost fully assimilated into the Australian environment, I’m originally from Germany. I finished my undergraduate studies at the Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre in Frankfurt, Germany with a thesis on plant-frugivore interactions under the supervision of Katrin Böhning-Gaese and Matthias Schleuning.

field work
If working with European birds it is wise to get up early and camouflage.



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